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Advanced CAN Diagnostics: CAN Error Frames TrainingĀ  (2-day course)

CAN physical layer adapter
CAN bus hub connecting 3 ECUs

The CAN Error Frames training course isĀ for engineers and technicians already familiar with Controller Area Network basic electrical troubleshooting . This training focuses on Error Frames and intermittent issues.

Course objectives include best design practices for a robust CAN system, causes of signal degradation and an in-depth discussion of error frames: their mechanism as well as techniques to identify their source.

Demo Lab includes experiments to emulate real-world conditions in the physical layer and generation of error frames.

Course Duration: 2-day, Delivery: at customer location


Day One: CAN Physical Layer

  1. CAN Overview
  2. CAN Physical Layer
  3. SAE J1939 Physical Layer
  4. CAN Diagrams
    1. Harness Analysis
    2. Harness Design Practices
    3. Wiring Diagram Refactoring
  5. Signal Performance

Lab: Physical Layer Demo: A CAN network will be setup and analyzed

      • Lab 1: Oscilloscope & Protocol Decoder
      • Lab 2: Noise transients & coupling
      • Lab 3: Twisted, untwisted and shielded wires
      • Lab 4: Harness Length, signal reflections and bit sampling

Day Two: CAN Data Link Layer

  1. CAN Data Link: Message Frame
    1. Bitwise Arbitration
    2. Bit Stuffing
  2. CAN Data Link: Error Frame
    1. Error Types
    2. Error Handling
    3. Fault Confinement
  3. Error Frames monitoring

Lab: Data Link Layer Demo: A CAN network will be setup, errors injected and analyzed

Lab 1: Bit Error

Lab 2: Bit Stuffing

Lab 3: CRC Error

Lab 4: Form Error

Lab 5: ACK Error