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About CANbus Academy

CANbus Academy is dedicated to providing our clients with a wide array of vehicle networks products & services. Our offerings include training, consulting and tools.

Our mission is simple: we help engineering organizations accelerate their knowledge in vehicle networks & embedded systems.

We offer both project consulting and training classes and workshops for engineers and technicians.

Company Headquarters

CANbus Academy’s headquarters office located at 701 Brazos St. 16 floor, Austin, TX, USA.

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Office suites at the Omni Hotel in downtown Austin, TX, USA


Spacious conference rooms to hold training events.


View from our office at the 16th floor.

Igor S. Ramos, CANbus Academy Founder & Chief Engineer

pronunciation [ee-gor]

About Igor Ramos, CANbus Academy Owner

Mr. Ramos has over 10 years of experience in New Product Introduction. Prior to founding CANbus Academy, he was the Technical Leader for Caterpillar’s Asphalt Paver product line. Additionally for 9 years, Igor held a variety of design roles, including software architect for Caterpillar’s hybrid excavator and research & development engineer. Mr. Ramos is a disruptive thinker with several published patents.

Igor holds a Management degree from the Missouri University and a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois.  Igor is a Certified Six Sigma Black Belt by the American Society for Quality.


Key Projects

j1939 can bus technician training
can bus training and consulting
can bus mining training consulting
can bus caterpillar dozer
can bus engine
j1939 truck on-highway


Highlight Experiences with CAN

These are some experiences with CAN bus Network:


  • Authored CAN specifications document for supplier
  • Authored requirements for supplier to port device 11bit to 29 bit and SAEJ1939 compliant.
  • Created step-by-step guide on minimum compliance to SAE J1939.


  • Designed & implemented vehicle network topology  compromised of over 5 CAN networks and 25 CAN nodes
  • Troubleshoot & fix on-highway truck with experimental high-voltage system with intermittent CAN issues
  • Created busload estimation calculator to help designers size up message transmission rates
  • Experience troubleshooting based on analog signal (eye-chart) and protocol analyzer


  • Supported CAN bus software library written in Assembly for 8-bit microcontroller
  • Wrote CCP (CAN Calibration Protocol) support for 8bit processor & Matlab generated embedded code


  • Designed CAN to SPI gateway module. Designed circuit schematic, circuit board layout and wrote the firmware in C.
  • Designed a dual CAN Gateway module that off-loaded the traffic in the main vehicle CANbus
  • Designed ECUs (CAN nodes) with magnetic and optical coupling


  • Evaluated bit error rate in CAN bus running on 1Mbit
  • Evaluate theoretical bit error rate of CAN physical layer running at 10Mbits

Published Patents

Equipment control console for Asphalt Paver

CAN-based tractor operator station in production in Caterpillar’s AP10xxF family of asphalt pavers

Equipment control console for Screeds

CAN-based screed operator station in production in Caterpillar’s latest generation asphalt screeds

Light control system

Distributed lighting control system in latest asphalt pavers.