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CAN-troubleshooting-course-snapshotCAN bus Troubleshooting Training

The CAN bus Troubleshooting Training is a course intended to give technical professionals working with Controller Area Network (CAN) based systems the skills they need to diagnose and repair CAN related issues and restore the system to its original working function.

This course is gives a high-level overview of the CAN technology and dives deep into troubleshooting procedures and techniques to diagnose CAN.

Course Objective: After completing this training, individuals will be better prepared to:

  • Use a Digital Multimeter to diagnose and repair issues with CAN wiring.
  • Help technicians decide a new Electronic Control Unit (ECU)/electronic components  is needed.
  • Create and execute plan of action to troubleshoot complex CAN systems

Benefits of training:

  • Engineers & Technicians: improving your skills and being able to better diagnose and repair CAN bus issues can improve your job performance and lead to better career growth and opportunities. The typical electrical training courses only briefly, if at all, explain the techniques to troubleshoot CAN. This course provides detailed actionable steps so you can get the job done!
  • Managers: our online course ensure consistent training for the entire team of engineers and technicians. As you know a well trained team can reduce repair time, reduce unnecessary component replacements due to bad diagnostic.  Your customers will be happier with your faster and better service and reduced repair time, which in turn may translate into more repeat customers and more profits for the business. Consider adding our online course into your company’s education curriculum!


Online CAN bus Troubleshooting Course

$1,200 $600

Online CAN bus Troubleshooting Training.

Brief Description: This course gives engineers and technicians an introduction to CAN systems and provides them with the working knowledge to diagnose and solve most CAN bus problems.

Audience: technicians and engineers whose job is to repair and maintain CAN based systems.


  • Instant access to videos after payment
  • 30 day access to course material
  • Instructor available to answer questions about the material