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CANbus Academy Training Courses

We can customize the curriculum based on your attendees’ learning styles and abilities using company-specific or industry-specific examples.

Core Courses:

CAN Protocol Training: this course cover the detailed operation of the CAN protocol. We cover physical and data link layers in detail.

SAE J1939 Protocol Training: J1939 is a high level protocol that runs on top of CAN.

Diagnostics Track:

CAN bus Troubleshooting Training: this course gives engineers and technicians an introduction to CAN systems and provides them with the working knowledge to diagnose and solve CAN bus problems. Audience: technicians and engineers whose job is to repair and maintain CAN based systems. Course Delivery: Online & Onsite. Order here

Advanced CAN Diagnostics: this course are for those who are already very familiar with CAN, and need to learn the advanced techniques to isolate CAN errors. This training dives deep in how error frames work and how to track down their source. In the Lab portion of the class we’ll generate error frames, see them in the oscilloscope & protocol decoder and see how ECUs on the bus react to them. 

ECU Design Course

A 8-week long intensive course on ECU Design. From plan to application.

Engineering Track:

CAN Protocol & ECU Design Workshop (3-day course): click the link to learn more.

Vehicle Controls Architecture: Design Workshop: learn how the signals inside a CAN message control a vehicle. After learning the theory, we’ll have a hands-on project where students will implement their own vehicle controls system. Duration 1 to 3 days depending on learning objectives.

This is a learn-by-doing course where we’ll plan, design and manufacture a CAN-based Electronic Control Module (ECU). You’ll learn circuit design, circuit board layout, enclosure design, component selection. By the end of the course you will have a ECU ready for the real-world.