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Online CAN Busload Course


The CAN Busload Course is an online educational training that you can take from anywhere at any time.

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Planned release date in November 2021. Refunds available

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Online CAN busload course content:

On this course we’ll cover topics and answer questions like these:

  • What is the possible adverse effect of an overloaded bus?
  • What is the suggested average load margin for a reliable system
  • Which is the main factor that causes an increase in the busload
  • When to perform a bus analysis
  • Reason(s) for having a busload design margin?
  • For a system with multiple CAN buses, how’s busload is typically calculated?
  • What is a reason for a temporary bandwidth reduction?
  • Properly transmission rate by data type
  • What happens when two controllers transmit messages at the same time?
  • Techniques for better message rate efficiency
  • The number of bits in a CAN frame
  • Typical For CAN bus rates and priorities