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CAN Protocol Training Course:  A 1-day seminar with a demonstration


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This class teaches the essential principles of the CAN protocol (ISO 11898-1) including dominant/recessive logic, bit-wise arbitration, physical layers, message structure, protocol error handling.  This class includes an hand-on element where oscilloscope, protocol decoder, and CAN analyzer are utilized.


Agenda for CAN Protocol Training Course

Module 1: Introduction

•           Basics of networks
•           OSI Layer model

Module 2: CAN protocol overview

•           Brief history, characteristics and applications
•           CAN Message Structure
•           Typical vehicle network architecture

Module 3: CAN physical layer

•           Typical ECU circuits
•           Understanding electrical signals levels
•           Bit timing, Transfer medium and Dominant/recessive logic
•           Termination, length requirements and physical layer issues

Module 4: CAN data link layer

•           CAN message transmit and receive
•           Identifier Arbitration
•           Overview of structure fields
•           CAN error frames, error handling and error counters.

Module 5: CAN higher-level layer protocols

•           Overview of the CAN identifiers for CANopen and SAE J1939

Module 6:  Workshop: Hands-on Demos & Exercises on Real World System

•           Using a laptop computer, oscilloscope and CAN bus analyzer tool with actual ECUs and nodes.
•           Lab 1: CAN physical layer signals with oscilloscope and protocol decoder
•           Lab 2: CAN Analyzer Tool: test network, simulate messages, diagnostic issues.


Delivery: Training at Your Facility

This course is available for delivery at your company site for a group of employees.

The curriculum can be customized based on your attendees’ learning styles and abilities using company-specific or industry-specific examples.

To inquire about this or other training options at your site, please fill out this form. We will contact you to discuss scheduling and pricing options.